Alliances, betrayals and a desperate effort for peace

Secretary General's Ad Hoc

Alliances were formed, promises were broken, and as the global leaders went rogue every minute, the stress was never-ending. The committee endured nerve-wracking deliberations, themselves deciding the state of future civilians shall envision.

Israel, a founding member of the committee that advocated for Iraq’s liberation, criticizes the US for endangering “innocent Iraqis.” Kuwait’s indignation vanished without a trace with the proclamation of their firm belief that Iraq should have the freedom to choose a government at their discretion. This is an appalling disregard for their foreign policy, which is supportive of the coalition led by the United States.

Iran, who was thought to be a powerful friend of Iraq, so strong that they would have invaded the United States and the United Kingdom if the countries did not depart Iraq - questions the competence of Sunni leader Uday Hussein to govern the Shia majority in Iraq. In reaction to Iran’s lack of faith, Uday nearly contemplates converting religions, resulting in major setbacks for him in the near future. None of the other Islamic representatives on the committee questioned this illogical lack of faith.

Democratic elections have been held, and the brutal regime of the Husseins suffers a steep slump in their quest for power in Iraq. The Al Ba’ath newspaper ran a referendum declaring that the elections were entirely in Uday’s favour. However, this was before Uday’s contemplation to switch faiths. When Uday came to his senses, it was too late; he had lost his loyalists’ support, and the new leader, Zaid Afir, was made the President of Iraq. Uday appeared calm and cool in the wake of Zaid Afir’s nomination. But, we must acknowledge Iraq’s track record of deception.

The supposed claims of forced brutality and a reprehensible dictatorship as the cause for war by the coalition have diplomatically been tackled. Yet, the US and UK remain intruders on foreign land. This accurately depicts how the invasion is a mere instrument for power-hungry western countries to assert their dominance at the cost of innocent lives. Does this mean that the United States WANTS WAR?

With copious frustration at others gauging his personality based on his father’s beliefs, Uday Hussein exclaims, “I am not my father.” Thus corroborating geopolitical claims of a brutal Saddam and himself accepting that his father’s leadership was a pain inflicted upon the Iraqis. Yes, Uday, you aren’t like Saddam, who at least possessed a sense of loyalty towards his ideals. At the end of the fifth session, the pathogen crisis was addressed by many countries reaching out and providing medical aid to one another. The US coalition agreed to a cease-fire and left Iraq to save lives. In contrast, highly paranoid countries like Russia shut down all trade. They went on full lockdown, ignoring the impact on their economy. The Adhoc Crisis Committee is doing its best, but their opposing ideas and perspectives make reaching a final resolution difficult. Will they leave this MUN with a peaceful ending, or will they disappoint the world and bring it to ruin?