The Opening Day of the AIPPM becomes a battle of clichéd but hyped statements


The committee of AIPPM (the All India Political Party Meet), the committee expected to be the most happening, was a rather dull yet bustling start to hopefully something that ignites something histrionic. The Public Speakers List mentioned the Spiral of political instability and was doubted by Bansi Lal, the quotation of "Sampurna Kranti" was made by JP Narayan, who says that given the opportunity, Indira Gandhi would throw him, Morarji Desai, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee in jail.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee claims that Indira Gandhi removed economic stability from the nation while using the motto of "Garibi hatao" for the elections, making herself richer and the country poorer. The motion ended with the statement of Jagjivan Ram saying that we need a stable leader and stable government. In the moderated caucus to discuss the economic condition of India. Deoras critiques the freezing of the salary of the government employees stating that he believes they failed the government. Inder Kumar stated that the country is being plagued by capitalism, which breaks the nation's backbone, through opposition to the nationalisation of banks, which would prevent farmers from getting loans. This is ironic because the opposition claims that it stands for the poor.

Chidambaram Subramanian empathised with Indira Gandhi by claiming she had inherited a weak state. Having inherited it from Jawahar Lal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri, the speaker pointed out that the Congress, in some way or capacity, is responsible for a weakened economy.

In the motion about the protest against the government, Lalu prasad makes a ridiculous suggestion by encouraging students to participate in JP Narayan's protest, in theory, filling up jails and getting lathi-charged to find a way to avoid dissolving of Bihar govt instead of continuing their education as the future of the nation. Kushlan Singh questions the student's choice of continual protest and asks them how they expect change to occur overnight?

Sanjay Gandhi retorted by claiming that the protests were artificially created and that Morarji Desai just wanted a way to retaliate by instigating students to protest rather unnecessarily as the matters already taken up in her tenure and that everything was working towards improving the conditions. In an attempt to retaliate, the Prime Minister urged students not to bail for the conspiracy that was not in their interest. Asserting that students are losing out on their education, she pledged to establish five more IITs and curb labour law by limiting the daily wage to 10 hours.

Finally, questioning the validity of the PM Desai questions Sanjay Gandhi's presence and claims to bring his wife and son too if this was going to be dynasty politics. Arun Jaitley compares Indira Gandhi's rule to that of Hitler. However, an independent judiciary, maybe Bansi Lal, claims that the court should have stood up to show their respects to their PM. According to the statement that everyone is equal before the law, such a thing wouldn't even be expected from a commoner. As Ramnath Goenka point out the question is not of Indira Gandhi's majority but her Prime minister-ship. In the last statement of the day, Sanjay Gandhi accuses the courts of lack of transparency and claims that his party won due to the people's will. He also called Raj Narain a sore loser and that his allegations had malicious intent.