A Glimpse into the Kremlin Alliance

JCC Kremlin Alliance

The year is 2024, and the Russian incursion on Ukraine remains steadfast. Ten years of hostility, aggression and outright wars between the two have slowly started sucking in neighbouring countries and the world into it. Various allies have withdrawn their support for Russia, joining the Warsaw Summit instead. A notable example would be the Minister of FAR, Álvaro López Miera, who publicly claimed that “the lives of the Ukrainian citizens are of least concern” but has now pulled out of the Kremlin Alliance with a very unparliamentary closing statement of “screw you all.”

The committee’s first crisis arose when an unidentified submarine exploded in the Black Sea near the Russian blockade. The Kremlin Alliance and Warsaw Summit blamed each other. Mikhail Mishustin, the prime minister of Russia, declared it an attack and suggested reinforcing defences and giving aid to Donetsk. Dimitri Petrov, head of Russian Citizens for Freedom, requested the leader to reply to it as an act of terrorism, calling it “cowardly”. In return, López argued that if Petrov had been violating the Kerch Strait and Azov Sea Act for the past three years, why would only this be an act of terrorism. Petrov denied this allegation by calling it a “fragment of López’s imagination.” 

The President of Turkey requested to assist in the blockade, for which pros and cons were weighed in the committee, and the request was soon rejected. An update assisted by the RAW forces of India showed that it was due to the commander-in-chief of Russia, Nikolai Yevmenov, that the Turkish submarine had sunk. The commander-in-chief admitted to destroying it, saying he took a split-second decision aligned with Russia’s missile policy - to protect any critical places. This caused India to forgo its neutrality and take a hard stance against Russia, collapsing 50% of the economy. The general population started revolting. A new political campaign emerged, stating the navy, which was staging a military coup, as the leader, instead of Vladimir Putin. As opposed to this, the nation of Kyrgyzstan allied with Russia. 

Another crisis occurred when Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was hospitalised for an artillery blockage. The Prime Minister of Denmark sent a press release claiming that their intelligence reported the President dead. They asked for help on behalf of the Warsaw committee to overthrow Putin and establish a better world. Contrary to this, the President of Ukraine claimed he was vacationing in the South of France. 

Lastly, the assassination of Ted Cruz was blamed upon the Russians. The US and Cuba had now formed a nuclear deal. In response to this, the Kremlin Alliance said that the sudden allyship between the US and Cuba was suspicious when Russians’ trained’ in Cuban bases were responsible and that this was just a way for them to frame Russia.  

After numerous diplomatic attempts, betrayals and crises, will the Kremlin alliance be able to find a peaceful solution? 

The year is 2024. Will it be the year of peace? The year of conclusion to this long-drawn battle?